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A group of Mets fans enjoyed some ice cream in the bitter near-midnight cold at Nationals Park

It was cold at Nationals Park on Sunday night. We're talking huddle-by-the-heater-in-the-dugout-to-warm-up cold, as Bryce Harper demonstrated: 


The Nats hosted the Mets on Sunday Night Baseball, and after Washington tied things at 5-5, the game headed to extra innings as the temperature continued to drop. 

If you were at a game in such conditions, would you huddle together for warmth? Maybe find a new blanket or jacket, anything to bundle up a bit more? 

These Mets fans (and their dog!) just chose to eat some ice cream. Cold, frozen ice cream ... in the cold, frozen air: 


It was that kind of night for Mets fans, though, as New York persevered, 6-5, in 12 innings to sweep the Nats.