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The Mets took advantage of the snow day by constructing 'Salty the Snowman'

A little snow cannot deter the Mets from having some fun. 
With Monday night's Phillies-Mets game postponed until July 9, Citi Field turned into a winter playground for some of the players. And it seemed like AJ Ramos was the most excited for the recent dusting.

Yep -- that's him and Amed Rosario "chillin'" in the snow at their home field. But it was the epic construction of a snowman that was the most impressive thing of the afternoon:

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Only one playin today is this dude!

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They named him "Salty the snowman" after introducing the "salt and pepper" move into their celebration repertoire. 
But, we do have some devastating news to report. Despite the fun and creative display, Salty did not survive:

It is, however, nice to see the team take advantage of the harsh elements.