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Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen, clearly in the best shape of his life, challenged fellow GMs to a Home Run Derby

In Brodie Van Wagenen, the Mets have a new general manager -- and also a pretty charismatic figure in the front office. 
With just a few weeks left before pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training (!), Van Wagenen is getting closer to seeing Robinson Cano, Edwin Diaz, Jed Lowrie and his new-look Mets in action for the first time. 
And he's stoked. Just look at this hype video he put together and shared with the masses on Wednesday: 

Credit to Brodie for the self-effacing "I still need a lot of work my swing" at the end there.
So far, someone has taken him up on the offer ...

As for Van Wagenen's general manager Home Run Derby ... sign us up as definitely interested in seeing this materialize.