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The Mets kidcaster used his time in the booth to throw some shade on Johan Santana's no-hitter

Andy Warhol once speculated that, thanks to evolutions he saw in media and entertainment, everyone would be famous for 15 minutes in their lives. The task for those of us of ordinary abilities, then, is to make those 15 minutes count.

During Thursday's game against the Padres, the Mets broadcast booth welcomed young Caden Phillip to the mic to call the third inning. In addition to some impressively capable play-by-play, Caden really made his brief moment in the spotlight count with a take on Johan Santana's 2012 no-hitter -- which stands as the only no-hitter in Mets history. Get ready, because he's coming in hot.

The play in question occurred before the advent of replay review that would have allowed the Cardinals to review Carlos Beltran's alleged foul ball in the sixth inning of that game:

Although Caleb's take may well have ruffled some feathers among the Mets faithful, he displayed the sort of moxie you want to see from a top-of-the-rotation pitcher. Depending on how the upcoming trade deadline shakes out for the team, there may be an opportunity to get him on the mound sometime in August or September. After his performance Thursday, he deserves a chance to give his team a "real" no-hitter.