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Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom showed off their football and hockey skills in between starts

One of the perks of being a starting pitcher is that, under normal conditions, a starter gets four games off between each appearance. Even factoring in bullpen days and other forms of active recovery, these guys have a lot of free time between starts.
It turns out, what they do with that free time isn't all that different from what most other young adult men do on their days off: Play sports out in the yard.

That's Mets ace Noah Syndergaard throwing a deep pass to Jacob deGrom on what appears for be a corner route prior to Sunday's game against the Marlins. The form, spiral, distance, and accuracy on that throw reveal his upbringing in a Texas football family.
It wasn't only football on Thor's and deGrom's off-day agenda. They then went out to the bullpen, borrowed some shovels from the Marlins Park grounds crew, and played an improvised game of hockey.

Though neither deGrom nor Syndergaard has published their schedule of off-day activities, we expect them to grill up some burgers and hot dogs and get a game of horseshoes going before the day is out.

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