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Statcast's most shocking discovery of 2016 was ... Mets rookie pitcher Seth Lugo

Statcast™ showed us a bunch of cool things in 2016. It confirmed that when Giancarlo Stanton demolishes a baseball, he really demolishes it -- his estimated 504-footer is the longest home run of the Statcast™ era. It also showed us that it is possible to break through the Chapman filter -- right, Mauricio Cabrera? But neither of those things are Statcast™'s most shocking discovery from the season, according to's Mike Petriello.
"Our biggest takeaway from last year is that Seth Lugo is awesome," Petriello revealed on Thursday's episode of the Cut4Cast.
Yes, Seth Lugo, the Mets rookie pitcher who posted a 6.50 ERA in Triple-A before getting called up in July. But his debut got Petriello's attention, thanks to this pitch:

"[That pitch] was the highest spin-rate curveball we've ever tracked," Petriello explained. "It made Anthony Rizzo, who's a great player, look foolish. He swung through it, and it hit him in the ankle."
Foolish, indeed:

That curveball helped Lugo, a 34th-round Draft pick in 2011, finish with a 2.67 ERA in MLB this season. His 3,485-rpm spin rate made him a Statcast™ MVP.
You can watch Petriello talk more Statcast™ on the Cut4Cast below, and don't forget to subscribe here.