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The Mets have planned the greatest Star Wars bobblehead giveaway of all time

MLB has seen a number of Star Wars-themed bobleheads before. Sometimes they're pretty straight-forward like the D-backs' Josh Collmenter Jedi bobble. Others are more ambitiously pun-friendly, this Red Sox Xander Bogaerts -themed 'Xando Calrissian' bobblehead.
But never before in the history of baseball, Star Wars or bobbleheads has a team pulled off as deft a bobblehead pun as what the Mets plan to do this season. Folks of the baseball galaxy, I present to you: The Obi-Wan Canobi bobblehead.

What better way to honor the Mets' new middle-of-the-lineup force than by taking a bat out of his hands and replacing that bad boy with a lightsaber. Not trying to "well actually" this awesome design, but if you really did try and hit a ball with a lightsaber you'd never make contact because you'd just slice the ball in half every time.