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Miguel Cabrera figured out an ideal way to avoid future ejections

When you're as good of a hitter as Miguel Cabrera has been throughout his career, you develop a pretty good understanding of the strike zone.

Cabrera had already played a full game on Saturday before the second half of the Tigers' doubleheader against the Twins. He wasn't happy about some of the calls and let the umpires know about it, leading to his 10th career ejection in the first inning of the Tigers' loss in Game 2.

Perhaps looking to avoid such issues in the future, Cabrera donned a new look during the Tigers' game on Monday against the Astros. The umpiring crew wouldn't be hearing anything from him -- his lips were sealed.

We admire Miggy's commitment to self-control ... and perhaps his dedication to facial care in the dugout at the same time:

Hey, it's important to watch your complexion. Miggy has to look stylish.