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Miguel Cabrera used his glove to inspect a Mariners fan's impressive beard because why not?

In the Mariners' 7-5 win over the Tigers at Safeco Field on Wednesday night, a foul ball was lofted toward the seats down the first-base line. Naturally, Detroit first baseman/serial fun-haver Miguel Cabrera ranged over, where some Mariners fans had obviously become consumed with figuring out where the ball was heading.
But that's irrelevant to this story, since this story concerns what happened besides the foul ball's trajectory. You see, Cabrera's eye caught a particularly formidable beard sported by a Mariners fan, and did the only natural thing: Go in for a close-up with his glove: 

Why not, right? And for Miggy, it's just another chapter to his ongoing legacy of endless on-field amusement

Here's our new bearded friend on the interaction: