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Mike Aviles' infield single that bounced off the first-base bag proves that good luck is everything

Sometimes, it's good to be lucky. Mike Aviles certainly was in the second inning of the Marlins' 10-4 loss to the Rangers on Tuesday Globe Life Park, and it all happened when he was trying to protect the plate. 
Facing Cole Hamels, Aviles was down in the count, 0-2, when Hamels fired a pitch toward the outside corner. Aviles, in protection mode, flipped his bat at the ball and hit a hopper down the first-base line ... that hit the bag and bounced high in the air, allowing him to reach on an infield hit: 

Aviles' adventurous single is the best possible outcome of that exact scenario. This one, which happened to Mike Moustakas in the Royals' game with the Tigers? The worst-case: