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Let's check in on Mike Piazza: Italian Soccer Team Owner

In June 2016, a month before he was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Mike Piazza bought an Italian soccer team. Seven months later, the third-tier AC Reggiana 1919 are fourth in the standings while Piazza has been embracing his Italian roots, introducing himself to the fans and, perhaps most important, enjoying the local cuisine.

The New York Times published a profile of Mike Piazza, Soccer Owner over the weekend, and if you've been wondering what it's like to be an MLB Hall of Famer and owner of your very own fútbol club, look no further.

According to the Times, Piazza's ownership has led to a surge in season-ticket holders. Although the Reggiana fans had to google him when he bought the team, as one longtime fan told the Times, "We firmly believe in the Mike Piazza project."

Piazza, for what it's worth, is right there with them. He comments on fan-run Facebook pages and tweets his thanks to supporters:

Plus, even if the team takes a bit to get off the ground, Piazza has found his silver lining:

"The conversation at halftime turned to the region's famous gastronomic tradition, or as Piazza called it, 'the other reason I bought the team.' He breathlessly cataloged the area's cured meats: 'The prosciutto, the bresaola, the coppa, the mortadella -- that's all here.'"

Read here for more, including some of Piazza's insights on the differences between playing for a pro sports team and owning a pro sports team, and a wonderful photo of Piazza celebrating a Reggiana victory. All in all, he seems to be enjoying this second career in sports.