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Mike Trout attended another Eagles game and got a game ball as a reward

Photo: @Eagles

Thus far, Mike Trout has spent multiple offseason Sundays taking in the performances of his hometown Philadelphia Eagles. When he's in attendance, the Eagles have a tendency to pay tribute to the two-time American League MVP Award winner. Earlier this season, he celebrated a touchdown with a mini simulated baseball game.

After tight end Zach Ertz caught a touchdown pass against the 49ers on Sunday, he quickly found Trout and awarded him his door prize:

 He was -- justifiably -- pumped up to take home a souvenir to add to his trophy case alongside the multiple MVP and Silver Slugger Awards.

Later in the game, Ertz helped Alshon Jeffrey celebrate his touchdown with a touch of baseball. His pitch was a little off target:

Jeffrey wasn't thrilled with Ertz's pitch location. But, as they say, a touchdown heals all wounds.