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Mike Trout legged out a broken-belt triple and made a wardrobe change at third base

Dirtying up your jersey is part of the game. Running, diving, jumping, leaping -- they're all things you do when you're a baseball player. Mike Trout does these things about as much (if not more) than everybody else since he's an elite talent, but with that heightened level of play comes a heightened risk of a clothing mishap.
That's precisely what happened in the fourth inning of the Angels' 2-1 win over the Blue Jays on Monday night after Trout dropped in a bloop along the right-field line. When José Bautista slipped fielding the ball, Trout turned on his afterburners and raced to third -- but wound up busting his belt in the process:

No matter, as he just called a quick timeout to make a slight adjustment: 

Somewhere in Colorado (where his Nats lost to the Rockies, 8-4, on Monday), Bryce Harpercan relate.