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Weather-obsessed Mike Trout got to play in the snow on Saturday and we were so excited for him

If you didn't know this fun fact about Mike Trout, you will now: The Angels outfielder is obsessed with the weather. So much so, he spent the offseason tracking storms with The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore despite his wife Jessica's dissatisfaction. And when the Angels beat the Royals, 5-3, on Saturday in a game that was filled with snow flurries, we were anxious to hear how he reacted to the harsh climate.
Hint: He did fine.
"I love snow, but it was tough," Trout said to's Maria Guardado. "[It was] just raw. The first couple of innings were all right, then it got a little windy. I'm used to it [being from New Jersey]. It brings me back to my high school days. We would have been snowed out, though -- we wouldn't have played."

Heading into Saturday's matchup, the temperature stood at 42 degrees and it was said during the Angels broadcast that Trout brought up the weather and knew we would witness snow.
"I saw the weather report for these next couple days, and I told the guys, 'It's one thing if it's 35 degrees and calm, but when it's windy it's going to be cold,'" Trout said.
Despite the frigid temperatures, and Trout claiming it was one of the coldest games he has ever played in, it was safe to say the elements weren't bothersome to Trout. He smacked a two-run homer to left field in the top of the fifth:

Trout added it may have been the best "bad weather homer" he's ever hit, but it was definitely one of the coldest games he has ever played in. But it was nothing he couldn't handle, even if he needed a little assistance.
Albert Pujols wasn't sporting any extra layers beneath his jersey, but Trout wasn't going to take any chances:

The only thing missing was a snow angel. Maybe next time.