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Inspired by a kid he met at the Children's Hospital of Orange County, Mike Trout homered on the first pitch he saw

Photo: @Alex_Curry

It's usually pretty hard for a baseball player to take request from fans. Unlike a band, which can just play your favorite song of theirs with a drop of a hat, a baseball player must overcome the other team do do something you want him to do like hit a home run, drive a run in from third or get a strikeout.

But, Mike Trout isn't like most baseball players. At age 26, he's already an all-time great and is in the midst of perhaps the best season of his career. During Saturday's Angels-Mariners game, Trout showed that he's capable of hitting home runs on request:

And here's that homer that Trout hit simply because JJ asked him to do it:

If he keeps this up, every Mike Trout at-bat may well turn into the break between songs at a concert when every fan is shouting out requests.