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Mike Trout's throw was so good he impressed himself

Mike Trout is good. Everybody knows that by now, right?
The Angels' star provided more reasons to look at him with a mixed sense of bewilderment, awe and dropped jaws in the Halos' 4-2 win over the Mariners at the Big A on Saturday night.
Mariners slugger Adam Lind crushed a deep fly to center leading off the seventh inning, and chugged toward second base in pursuit of a double. However, Mr. Trout mans center field, so that didn't go quite as planned:

That's 164 feet of precision:

As Trout explained to's Alden Gonzalez after the game, plays such as this don't just happen. They're the result of a lot of hard work: 
"Me, Kole, and the outfielders, it's what we work on every single day. We long toss at the start of every series and just try to get that arm strength in. Every time there's a runner on second, or a runner on third, with less than two outs, we're both looking at each other like, 'Come up firing.' We take pride in our defense."
Trout's defensive heroics came after he shot the Angels in front with a two-run homer off Felix Hernandez earlier in the game with that swing that we've all come to see and appreciate every game:

The blast added to Trout's dominance of King Felix over the years:

All in a day's work for No. 27.