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This photo from Mike Trout's senior prom proves he's an ageless wonder

When you look back on photos from your senior year of high school, you are probably overcome by a feeling of gratitude. Gratitude that you've since made some better choices with regard to haircuts. Gratitude that those patches of acne are a thing of the past. You look different now and, largely, that's a good thing.

On Tuesday, Mike Trout dug up a photo of he and his now-wife Jessica at the 2009 Millville High School Senior Prom.

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SURPRISE @jesstaratrout!!

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The photo may be from 10 years ago, but it's the same Mike Trout we know and love. That's not a bad thing, either. Not at all.


What we have here, then, is yet another reason to be jealous of Mike Trout. Not only is he better at every baseball-related activity than we will ever be, but he also looked just as good in high school as he does in his mid-20s.