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Mike Trout sported a dog mask during the Eagles NFC Championship victory

It's no secret that Mike Trout's love for the Eagles mirrors his adoration for the game of baseball ... and the weather. When he shows up to cheer on his favorite football team, he is sometimes gifted with the game ball -- compliments of tight end Zach Ertz. And on Sunday, Trout drew inspiration from another Eagles player.
Prior to the Eagles-Vikings NFC Championship game on Sunday evening, Trout was at Lincoln Financial Field … wearing a dog mask:

This, of course, is a trend started by Philly tackle Lane Johnson last week following a 15-10 win over the Falcons. And it appears Trout is more than happy to get on his level with this form of … er, sportsmanship.

We appreciate the dedication of him and his teammate, Tyler Skaggs, who sat next to him to cheer on the Vikings.
Trout has plenty to celebrate. The Eagles went on to win, 38-7, and will be heading to the Super Bowl.