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Mike Trout hit a homer in the All-Star Game, but he also read a weather report to Ken Rosenthal on the air

If you weren't aware, Mike Trout is something of a good baseball player. And when he's given the chance to shine on the national spotlight, as he did in Tuesday's All-Star Game presented by Mastercard, he takes full advantage. 
After his first-inning walk against the Nats' Max Scherzer, Trout added to his ever-growing Midsummer Classic hot streak:

For good measure, he homered in the third inning against Jacob deGrom of the Mets:

That's an eventful All-Star Game for anybody, but Trout had an added bonus: He was given an opportunity to talk about the weather in a fun "All-Star Weather Report" that aired right before he chatted with Joe Buck and John Smoltz from center field in the second inning: 

Later, once his work on the field was done for the evening, Trout had a dugout chat with FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal. The rainy weather in Washington, D.C., had wreaked havoc in the hours before the game, and with reports of rain clouds maybe coming back, he had his moment in the sun -- er, rain, as you'll see in full in the clip atop this post. 
Remember, Trout loves the weather. He was gifted his own weather balloon by actual meteorologist Jim Cantore and was so excited he wouldn't leave his wife alone during a snow storm
Also exciting, probably, was this selfie Trout took of himself and pals Mookie Betts and Aaron Judge

So while he had a great night at the plate on Tuesday, he also had a great night away from the plate. Because when you're Mike Trout, the sun shines on you ... even when it's raining.