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'Pig yoga' on the baseball field is a thing and it's just as silly as you'd imagine

"Pig yoga." Does that phrase amuse you? Did you automatically picture a plump lil' pig doing Downward Facing Dog -- and if so, were you confused how it'd do that maneuvering with hooves instead of hands and feet?

Complex questions aside, "Pig yoga" is indeed a thing, apparently, and a Minor League team unveiled it as a pregame activity on Wednesday. Not just any team, mind you, but the MiLB team perhaps most perfectly suited for such shenanigans, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs.

To quash any thoughts you might have of pigs actually doing yoga poses, that's sadly not what was on display. Instead, some humans did yoga poses, stretched or just stood around playing with these pigs, who were definitely not doing any type of aerobic exercises:

Look at this.

Workout criticisms aside, these pigs clearly had a pretty great time rolling around in the outfield grass. I just sincerely hope they weren't exposed to this scene once the game rolled around, otherwise things might have gotten a bit awkward ...