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A pesky wall didn't prevent outfielder Chas McCormick from making an unbelievable catch

Baseball players are an unusual sort of people. When the opportunity is there to make a play on defense, that becomes their top priority. It doesn't matter at all if they're hurt in the process -- they're going to give their best effort regardless. You'd be hard-pressed to find that attribute in most other jobs.

Corpus Christi right fielder Chas McCormick exemplified this dedication on Monday afternoon against Tulsa. In the fourth inning, Chris Parmelee crushed a pitch that looked like it was surely headed over the wall in right.

McCormick darted after the ball and kept running hard. He jumped, collided with the wall, toppled over ... and somehow held onto the baseball.

That's highway robbery. Incredible work from McCormick to keep that ball in the park. He pulled a Jay Buhner!

If that kind of play didn't earn a hug from fellow outfielder Ronnie Dawson, nothing would.