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Kevin Pillar took up residence on the center-field wall for a few moments before robbing Nick Senzel

Welcome to the Majors, Nick Senzel -- here's Kevin Pillar to ruin your dreams.

The buzzworthy Reds prospect thought he'd hit his first big league home run in the third inning of Saturday's Giants-Reds game at Great American Ball Park.

His mistake? He hit it toward Pillar in center field, who's proven time and time again he's a menace to opposing hitters looking to pad their stats. He's ruined many a would-be extra-base hit, and his latest came at Senzel's expense ... and after Pillar literally hung out on the center-field wall for a few moments before adjusting and making a catch to deny Senzel:

Senzel wasn't fazed by this robbery, though -- he stepped up later in the game and successfully crushed his first career dinger: