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Minor Leaguers with same name and likeness might be clones

Photo via Levi Weaver

They said cloning couldn't be done on humans -- it was too dangerous. It's only in books and movies and TV shows that exist in a different world or have easy-to-use cloning hammocks.

Image result for cloning gif

Well, we're here today to tell you to forget everything you've ever heard. Feast your eyes on Rangers Minor Leaguer Brady Feigl and, uh, A's Minor Leaguer Brady Feigl below.

OK, so they're probably not actually clones, but they're about as close as we can get. They're not related, both are named Brady Feigl, both are redheads with red beards, both wear sweet baseball spectacles and both are very solid Minor League pitchers. 

If they are clones, we want more. We want five Brady Feigls, nay, 15 Brady Feigls. Give us a team of entirely Brady Feigls and we'll win every World Series from here until the end of time.