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We asked some 2016 All-Stars to recall their very worst AIM screen names

If you had the pleasure of growing up in the era of Dunkaroos and choker necklaces, you probably remember AIM -- otherwise known as AOL Instant Messenger, the preferred method of online communication for every proper '90s child. And for every proper '90s child using AIM, there was a proper '90s child who had retrospectively embarrassing AIM handles.
As it happens, a group of some of America's finest '90s children congregated in San Diego on Monday: the 2016 MLB All-Stars. And so, compelled by our sense of journalistic duty, we asked some of the best baseball players on the planet to list only the most cringe-inducing screen names of their youth. It did not disappoint: A's catcher Stephen Vogt, for example, once logged on under the moniker "BaseballforLife" -- he was intentionally vague about the spelling, though, so we'll have to assume it was something closer to "Baseball4Lyfe."
Watch the video above for more, including Paul Goldschmidt feeling such a deep sense of shame that he refused to answer the question.