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The 11 most fantastic nicknames that big leaguers will sport for Players Weekend

From August 25-27, Major League Baseball will celebrate Players Weekend: A three-day bonanza in which just about the only limit to what big league players can wear is their own imagination. Spikes, bats, batting gloves, catcher's masks, special alternate uniforms, you name it -- almost everything is customizable.
Oh, and you can't forget the best part: Each player has the chance to choose his own nickname, to be displayed on the backs of jerseys for all the world to see.

While all the nickname choices are great, a few went truly above and beyond -- here are our favorites. (And if you'd like to get your hands on some official Players Weekend gear, just click on over to
Kendall Graveman, A's SP: Digger
A bit obvious, but it still works. Besides, it'll make Richie Hebner awfully proud.
Jordan Comadena, Pirates bullpen catcher: Funky
You might not be able to wear this Pirates bullpen catcher's jersey, but we'll always know what it says. Fire it up:

Kyle Seager, Mariners 3B: Corey's Brother
Hey, it's not often that you get to brag about how awesome your family is on a Major League field.
Mike Trout, Angels center fielder: KIIIIID
We're not sure either, but when you're the best player on the planet, you get the benefit of the doubt -- just don't dare give him four i's instead of five. 
Max Scherzer, Nationals SP: Blue Eye
As you may already know, Scherzer has heterochromia: His left iris is brown and his right iris is blue.

David Price, Red Sox SP: Astro's Dad
Sure, Price has won a Cy Young Award and made five All-Star appearances, but have you seen his dog Astro?

A.J. Griffin, Rangers SP: Sweet Lettuce
Checks out:

Ken Giles, Astros closer: 100 Miles Giles
This also checks out:

If we were handing out a teamwide award for Best Nicknames, it would almost certainly go to the Astros. Some other highlights: Charlie Morton (Ground Chuck), Chris Devenski (Devo the Dragon), Jake Marisnick (Big Fudge) and the duo of Lance McCullers and Collin McHugh (Snap Dragon 1 and 2, respectively).
Wei-Yin Chen, Marlins SP: Weigh-in
Both a helpful pronunciation guide and a wonderful pun. Of course, if you'd like wordplay from a different Marlins starter, there's always Jeff "Lockeness" Locke.
Welington Castillo, Orioles catcher: Beef 
Pictured: Two beef Wel(l)ingtons: 

Zach Davies, Brewers SP: Bat Boy
Not only is it creative, but it has the added benefit of convincing everyone in the ballpark that a batboy has emerged from the dugout to strike out Major League batters.