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From lettuce to loose teeth, here is the single weirdest moment from every team in 2018

Baseball is filled with moments that stir the soul: Majestic home runs that stun us into a hushed wonder or massive breaking balls that make us believe anything is possible.

But then there are the moments that make us sit up, look around and think, "What the ...?"

Those moments are bizarre, arcane and unbelievably strange. They remind us that for all its beauty, baseball is also a hilariously absurd endeavor featuring athletes in belts and button-down shirts. 

These are the weirdest moments from every team. 

Arizona D-backs: The return of the bullpen cart

For the first time since 1995, the bullpen cart in all its goofy, baseball-shaped glory made its return to the baseball field in 2018. The D-backs were the first team to make the addition, with Collin McHugh being the first player to decide that human legs are no match for a vehicular orb. 


Atlanta Braves: Ozzie Albies gets lost in the fog

Albies was a nonstop highlight reel and human fun machine. On this day, with a cold chill in the air and the fog rolling in like a 1930s Universal horror movie, things didn't quite go according to plan


Baltimore Orioles: Caleb Joseph's mighty leap

The Orioles' 2018 summed up in a single play


Boston Red Sox: The phones are down

If you've ever wondered what ordering delivery was like in the days before online ordering, this is just a sample


Chicago Cubs: Waffles! 

Javier Baez does a lot of things that defy belief, but when he celebrated a home run with a waffle maker, it was simply confusing. Where are waffles, Javy?


Chicago White Sox: The King of celebrations

Yolmer Sanchez loves to celebrate -- even when he has nothing to do with the reason for the party


Cincinnati Reds: Michael Lorenzen goes deep

Befitting his status as the most jacked pitcher in the game, Lorenzen led all non-Ohtani pitchers with four dingers. But nothing could have prepared anyone for of the glory of a failed bunt attempt, followed by a massive home run coupled with a perfect end-over-end bat flip. 

Cleveland Indians: Trevor Bauer's alter ego

Like something out of "Fight Club," when the Indians pitcher got into an argument with the Astros, Alex Bregman referred to him on Twitter as "Tyler Bauer." That led to this brand new identity


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Colorado Rockies: Shoeless Matt Holliday

When Holliday re-joined the team for the first time since 2008, there was one problem: When he arrived, he had no cleats and no one had a pair in his size. 

Detroit Tigers: The Rally Goose

Most rally animals are terrestrial. The Tigers managed to get behind one who could take flight at any time: 

Houston Astros: The two-foot walk-off

The best way to end the game is a two-foot roller that is then bobbled, dropped and thrown away. Chaos reigns! 

Kansas City Royals: A real "heads" up play



Los Angeles Angels: Mike Trout's watching you

One Mike Trout is a dream. One thousand Mike Trouts staring at you with unseeing, unfeeling, unchanging eyes is a nightmare

Los Angeles Dodgers: Sun's out, guns out

The only thing hotter than the Dodgers' second half? These physiques. 

Miami Marlins: A good summer tip

How does one stay cool all summer long? Lettuce


Milwaukee Brewers: Keon Broxton can't be caught

Anyone who has ever played a baseball video game while bored -- simply running around the bases until they're caught -- can understand this play. That Broxton managed to score, though ...

Minnesota Twins: Fernando Rodney's snow save

What else should one do to celebrate the end of a game? 


New York Mets: Brandon Nimmo runs around the bases

Ever get into work on a Monday morning hoping to just ease into the week, not doing anything until about 2 p.m.? That wasn't the case for the Mets' smiliest player:

New York Yankees: Dellin Betances shows off his swing

Betances strikes out a lot of batters. So, it was a fitting comeuppance when he had to step into the box

Oakland Athletics: The turtleneck

Mark Canha knows the best way to stay hot is to remain, constantly, hot and sweaty. For about a week, the outfielder kept wearing his hood -- even when any normal human would be covered in a thick layer of sweat. 

Philadelphia Phillies: The blow torches

Rarely do you see blow torches on a baseball field. Actually, strike that. Other than this one instance, you never see blow torches on a baseball field. 


Pittsburgh Pirates: Looks like we've got a Seinfeld reboot

They, like, totally planned this, right? 

San Diego Padres: The most unexpected of double plays

Down is up, up is down and infielder Cory Spangenberg got reliever Luke Jackson to ground into a double play. And just check out that confusion on who is supposed to cover the bag: 

San Francisco Giants: Andrew McCutchen gives us play-by-play

Most baseball brawls are fairly indistinguishable from each other. But they become something magical when Cutch gives us the rundown: 

Seattle Mariners: The eagle has landed

James Paxton is Canadian, but a strange fact hidden in the Constitution is that if an eagle lands on you, you are destined to become the U.S. president. 


St. Louis Cardinals: Marcell Ozuna loses the ball

The hardest part of robbing a home run isn't catching it. It's making sure it is a home run


Tampa Bay Rays: Carlos Gomez's walk-off dance

This should replace the "Electric Slide" at every wedding. 


Texas Rangers: Jurickson Profar's "home run" 

The launch angle revolution has gone too far

Toronto Blue Jays: Russell Martin's infield experimentation

How many catchers do you know who made their shortstop debuts at the age of 35


Washington Nationals: Spencer Kieboom's toothless home run

Spit out the false tooth, hit a dinger: It's the newest fad.