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The Twins mascot learned you shouldn't challenge Mookie Betts to a bowling showdown

It's without any shred of humor that I say this: Mookie Betts could easily become a professional bowler once he hangs up his baseball cleats. The man is that good. He just won the PBA Celebrity Invitational in the winter, and has bowled a perfect 300 game in his life.

That's hard to do, but Betts makes it look easy. I bowled league every week for about eight years and I never eclipsed 260. Bowling is tough (and I also wasn't that great).

Despite all this, T.C., the Twins' mascot, challenged Mookie to a little on-field bowling before Tuesday night's Red Sox-Twins game at Target Center. And ... it didn't go well for T.C.

You come at the king, you best not miss, they say. But T.C. missed here, so maybe that phrase doesn't apply. Either way, Betts is a bowling boss and T.C. learned the hard way.