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Mookie Betts promised he would homer for a Make-A-Wish fan, and instead, he hit three

Mookie Betts is a man of the people. After winning both a World Series title and the AL MVP in 2018, how could anyone in Boston not love him? (The bowling excellence is just the cherry on top.)

Betts' reputation in Boston was enhanced even further on Friday night. He had more incentive than normal to do so. Earlier in the day, he met a 10-year-old Red Sox fan from the Make-A-Wish Foundation named Nico.

Betts promised Nico that he would step his game up against the Yankees and hit a homer.

It's hard to homer on command. But nothing is truly hard if you happen to be as good at anything as Betts is at baseball. He lived up to his word in his first at-bat of the night ... and just kept going.

That will do the trick! In just four innings, Betts notched the hat trick against James Paxton by homering three times over the Green Monster.

That was giving Nico all he asked for and then some. What a pro. Honestly, it's the kind of story that legends are born from.

Former Yankee Paul O'Neill might have hit a pair of homers for a little boy in the hospital on Seinfeld a few years back, but Mookie did him one better for Nico. Score another win for the Red Sox, and another point in the "awesome" column for Mookie.