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Mookie Betts used the full-body worm to make this catch

Mookie Betts: Home run crusher, top-flight bowler ... professional breakdancer? In the bottom of the first inning of the Red Sox's 3-2 victory over the Indians on Monday afternoon, Betts went racing down the line to reach Rajai Davis' shallow pop fly. 

Whether because he slipped (possible, but boring) or because he wanted to show off his moves and skeletal fluidity (also possible, but much cooler), Betts went into a full-body worm before making the catch. 


Just pair this with Breaker's Revenge and enjoy the glory of Betts' moves: 

Ignoring the rythmic beauty of the catch, this was a fairly difficult one as Betts had to race a Statcast™-measured 105 feet to make the grab. It shouldn't be a surprise, though. Whether by UZR, where Betts ranks fifth among outfielders, or simply by regularly making hightlight-reel ready catches like this one, Betts is an outfielder whose every move is worth obsessively watching.