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Mookie Betts was in the exact right position to catch this ball because he's a good student who studies

You know when you don't do your assigned reading in school because you think you're so cool and smart and can pass your final exam without it? And then you take the exam and, well, you fail?
Well, look to Mookie Betts, young kids. Along with already being very cool and smart, Mookie studied his fielding chart for Thursday's game against the Twins and, on a Joe Mauer fly ball to right-center field, Mookie was precisely where he was supposed to be:

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This is why you read the study guide, kids.

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You can see him smiling and waving his study materials after the play. Mookie passed his test. The Red Sox won the game, 9-2.'s Ian Browne spoke to manager Alex Cora about the moment:
"Yeah that was a big topic before the game. It was an extreme one from the analytical department ... We looked at the charts and we're like, it's right on, go with it. I know they were happy but I was the happiest guy, like thank God they hit it right there. It reinforces what we're trying to accomplish. You saw it it was very extreme with Mauer. It was good for him to be in that spot and catch it. Hopefully his range factor goes up and defensive runs saved and all that."
So do your homework, children of the world. Then, maybe one day, you'll grow up to be just like Mookie Betts.