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George Springer helped Jake Marisnick explain why his walk-up music is the Jurassic Park theme

George Springer and Jake Marisnick's love of dinosaurs is well-documented. They went to Dinosaur World together during Spring Training. In May, they played pregame catch while Springer was literally dressed as a dinosaur.
So, it really shouldn't be a surprise that Marisnick has begun using the Jurassic Park theme for his walk-up music. Although, it turns out that he needed some encouragement from his fellow aspiring paleontologist:
"I said, 'George, do you think Jurassic Park sounds like a good one?'"
Springer's response: "Why wouldn't you use Jurassic Park?"
Apparently, Marisnick didn't have an answer. 
The interview, which you can watch above and which took place before the Astros' 4-3 extra-innings loss to the Mariners on Monday, also featured an in-depth discussion of Springer's toy dinosaur -- which he wants to believe is a velociraptor, despite it pretty clearly being a T-Rex.

Like we said -- they really, really like dinosaurs.