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Take in all the fried-dough deliciousness from National Donut Day around MLB

These days, MLB uses donuts in all kinds of crazy ways. But no matter whether they come as hamburger buns, in a churro wrapper or on a skewer, there's a holiday to honor all of that doughy goodness. Friday, June 2, was National Donut Day, and fans around the Major Leagues celebrated appropriately.
And no, we don't mean the kind you put around your bat: 

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Crush Davis to the rescue.

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But don't take our word for it -- check out the deliciousness below. 

All that golden fried deliciousness: 

You could have donuts in a bag:

Or donuts on a plate:

Or donuts with sprinkles:

Or donuts in a batting helmet -- yes, a batting helmet:


Gaze upon the golden orb. This is the real sun: 

MLB is proud to continue its partnership with OxiClean during the 2017 season. We hope you avoided messy stains this National Donut Day with the help of OxiClean!