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This sad Nationals fan is the saddest man who's ever lived

In the postseason, everything matters that much more. Every pitch, every swing, every moment more anxious than the rest.

This is heightened in the Wild Card Game, where it's a do-or-die thing, all the time. So when Brewers catcher Yasmani Grandal ambushed Nationals ace Max Scherzer in the NL Wild Card Game on Tuesday night, it sent a strike of despair throughout the gathered masses at Nationals Park:

But this guy right here -- this man, unfortunately, is the saddest man in America.

This is the look of a man whose hopes were crushed, just like that. For Nats fans, this is an unfortunately familiar feeling, as the team seems to find its World Series hopes dashed quickly every season it's in the running. And the guy above definitely wasn't the only fan feeling the blues in the early part of this game. Sure, there were eight innings remaining and plenty of time for the Nats to maybe come back, but going down 2-0 in a matter of minutes?

That's the pressure of the postseason, and it stings.

I've definitely been this guy. I'll be this guy again, when my team lets me down, which it will. We've all been this guy, standing bewildered and despondent in the crowd like my dog ran away.