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Jayson Werth cast his equipment aside after a strikeout, and the Nats' ballboy sprang into action

Failure is a big part of baseball. So, then, is frustration. It's hard to hit a baseball with a bat. The sport is predicated upon supremely successful players failing much more often than they succeed. Simply put, the cards are stacked against you in nearly every scenario of the game. 
For right-handed hitters, facing Giants reliever Sergio Romo can be a Herculean task if he has his slider dancing, and he definitely did in Saturday night's 7-1 win over the Nationals
Jayson Werth found this out the hard way, and despite (probably) reiterating to himself throughout the at-bat that "no, I won't swing at that dastardly frisbee slider," he did just that, striking out on a nasty pitch moving toward the left-handed batter's box. At that point, frustration set in, and Werth's equipment paid the price:

Luckily, the Nats' ballboy was there: 

Dutifully running after a player to pick up his cast-aside equipment in a timely fashion? That sure proves once again that having a devoted ballboy (or ballgirl) is Werth its weight in gold.