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I have never, ever, seen a golf ball hit this far in my life

You know that age-old question: "What would it be like to hit a golf ball on the moon?" Please, see your answer below, courtesy of prodigious baseball slugger Nelson Cruz.

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Getting some cuts in ¿Futuro golfista?

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Holy crap. Look at it. It just ignores gravity. John Daly, Tiger Woods, Happy Gilmore can't even do this. It keeps rising and rising until it disappears over the netting into the black of night.

Cruz, a man accustomed to crushing small white balls into different stratospheres, simply gave a little laugh and walked off the tee -- not knowing that the ball likely turned into a giant, flaming meteor that destroyed an entire planet gazillions of miles away.

Or maybe he did know and, frankly, he just doesn't care.