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After previously being denied an at-bat, Hector Neris got his chance in the box -- it didn't end well

Hector Neris is used to spending time on the mound, not in the batter's box. On Tuesday night, Gabe Kapler didn't give the reliever a chance to swing the bat against the Braves despite having a 5-1 lead with two outs -- and Neris was pretty bummed about it. But Ben Lively was there to offer him some support:


Fast forward to Saturday when the Phillies topped the Pirates, 6-2, Neris was granted his wish and stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the eighth -- he struck out swinging. It's all right though, as Maikel Franco, Aaron Altherr and even Neris himself laughed it off:


Ask, and you shall receive, Neris.