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We're happy to formally introduce Toasty, the new Minor League mascot/Guy Fieri doppelganger

Back in November, the Colorado Springs Sky Sox announced that they were changing their name to the Rocky Mountain Vibes. It was a catchy new nickname, but what caught our eyes the most was the look of the mascot, Toasty. Somehow, he was Food Network star Guy Fieri incarnate:

Saturday offered our first glimpse at what Toasty would look like in the flesh. Would the Fieri comparisons continue to ring true?

The Vibes knew we were all on the edge of our seats, desperately seeking the answer. So, they teased us.

Rude. But we respect the hustle.

At last, Saturday came. With a live feed ready at the go, the Vibes unveiled Toasty ...

... and he was everything we dreamed he would be.

That is 100 percent Guy Fieri, and now, everyone knows it.


If the Vibes don't rename themselves the "Flavor Town Vibes" at some point this season, then what has this all been about? Make it happen. Please.