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Nick Swisher went to MLB FoodFest and couldn't believe how amazing all the food was

The first MLB FoodFest was a smash hit, offering fans the chance to try specialized ballpark foods as delicious as the churro dog, as spicy as the Cheeto-Lote and as ridiculous as the toasted grasshoppers. It was such an awesome opportunity that not even former players like Nick Swisher could turn it down.
As Swisher was leaving MLB FoodFest, he caught up with Jake Mintz and Jordan Shusterman of Cespedes Family BBQ and raved about the scrumptious foods that were in their futures. "For all the fans here to experience all 30 ballparks -- the different types of food, everything from crickets to churro dogs -- I'm telling you guys, it's an absolutely wonderful experience," he said.
It's a good thing that Swisher's playing career is over, because he had to admit that nothing from the MLB FoodFest selection could function as a pregame meal. "Maybe some bottled water," he joked.
Swisher's zeal speaks for itself, so check out the video at the top of the page for more.