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Nick Williams hit a 430-foot BP home run ... right off his new manager's car

Although Nick Williams is slated to start in right field for the Phillies in 2018, he still has just a half season under his belt. It would probably serve him well to show that he's the real deal and can produce in the long term -- particularly with new manager Gabe Kapler in charge.

Well, on Tuesday, Williams did do something well: He hit a 430-foot home run. The only problem was that it landed on Kapler's car.

Imagine denting a car and this is the owner.


You hit what?


Fortunately, as you can see in the video in the main slot, Kapler was OK with the very small dent in his rental.

"I would trade a Nick Williams home run for a dent in a rental car any day of the week," Kapler said. 

Denting cars with dingers, a Spring Training tradition unlike any other.