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The internet went wild with that photo of Noah Syndergaard and Brandon Nimmo at a Knicks game

On Monday night, Noah Syndergaard and Brandon Nimmo headed to Madison Square Garden to take in a Knicks game. While they were seated between Tracy Morgan and Johnny Galecki, that wasn't what the internet wanted to talk about: 

Because we're so used to seeing ballplayers in unis and ballcaps, they'll often surprise us with their personal fashion choices. So, if you weren't sure of who Syndergaard and Nimmo were, what kind of profession do you think they would be employed in? Cut4's own Gemma Kaneko got the conversation started and the answers were ... something else. 

The first replies included indie video game creator and "freelance" content creator, ex-Vine stars and, perhaps best of all, "bitcoin?"

People wanted to get in on the action and asked their own friends for suggestions. One person suggested The Chainsmokers: 

Followed by micro-brewery employee and candle store employee:

There were more video game designers, musicians and even hockey players:

It's hard to top cartographers:

Nimmo is probably pumped he earned actor/model:

Of course, this could not be complete without EDM DJs:

Do you have your own take? Want to play the game yourself? Ask your friends and let us know @Cut4.