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Jimmy Kimmel exposed Noah Syndergaard's secret second job

What exactly do MLB players do after the season ends? Not everyone is so laser-focused on the game to fulfill the classic Rogers Hornsby quote about staring out the window all winter waiting for spring. Honestly, that sounds like kind of a drag.

Some players embrace a wild workout regimen. Others pursue a new style or do goat yoga. As for Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard? Well, as Jimmy Kimmel revealed on his Friday night show in Brooklyn, Syndergaard has another job: Chinese food deliveryman.

This is admittedly a surprising turn. Why would a MLB player need to channel his inner Do the Right Thing-era Spike Lee?

Well, as Thor explained, it's the only way that he can afford all his hair products. Tough.

I get it, though. It's important to keep your style on point, and Thor pays about as close attention to his hair as anyone in the game. After all, baseball isn't everything, and the products continue to do masterful work on Thor's flowing locks.

Worth every penny.