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Tremble in fear for Noah Syndergaard spent the offseason getting even stronger

It's already hard to believe that Noah Syndergaard is a person and not a baseball-throwing robot. Remember: He throws his slider, a pitch that is considered to be an offspeed breaking pitch, at 93 mph
Yet somehow, the 24-year-old hurler spent his offseason getting stronger. 

Let's not forget: Syndergaard's average fastball was already the highest among starters at 97.9 mph last year. Second was Carlos Martínez at almost a mile-and-a-half lower. 
As for how he grew stronger, we have to assume Syndergaard did it by engaging in hand-to-hand to combat with puny humans every day, with the loser being devoured by the Norse God of Pitching. Or, apparently, he took the much more legal route of eating bowl after bowl of venison: 

At this rate, we have to simply assume that Syndergaard could easily conquer the planet if he wanted. Let's just hope he's a benevolent leader.