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Noah Syndergaard drops his alter ego, takes to the streets of New York as Thor

When Noah Syndergaard first arrived in MLB last year, we all thought "Thor" was simply a clever nickname -- the long blonde hair, the lightning bolt fastball, it made sense. 
But even then, there were signs. He emblazoned "Thor" on his glove. He immediately began swinging a mighty hammer. At this point, not even Syndergaard can hide it: the 1.69 ERA, the 38 strikeouts in 26 2/3 innings, the marks he leaves on unsuspecting catchers who just wanted to play an innocent baseball game. These are not the feats of any mere mortal.
And so, on Wednesday, Syndergaard took to the streets of Manhattan to finally tell his secret to the world:

Public for the first time as Norse god, Thor did what any foreign diplomat would do. He met some adorable dogs:

He posed with local dignitaries:

And he even met with another hero who knows a thing or two about pulling the string:

Syndergaard's scheduled to make his next start on Sunday against the Giants. The day before, Mets fans will be providing small idols in honor of their hero.