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Nolan Arenado was visibly heartbroken after German Marquez lost his no-hitter

There is arguably no more vulnerable a moment in the human experience than when you put your heart and soul into something and come up just short. Everyone can see you tried your best and the endeavor meant something to you ... but they can also see that, in one way or another, your efforts were inadequate. On Sunday, we watched as Nolan Arenado experienced that agony on the baseball field.

Rockies starter German Marquez was pitching well, carrying a no-hitter into the eighth inning of Sunday's game against the Giants. Brandon Crawford led off the inning with a line drive, but Arenado was there to make a tremendous play to keep the no-hitter alive.

With that effort, Arenado became fully invested in Marquez's no-hitter, if he wasn't already ... which makes what happened next all the more devastating.

The next batter for the Giants -- Evan Longoria -- hit another ball in Arenado's direction, this time a grounder. Despite a valiant effort, it got past the third baseman and into left field for a hit. After seeing the no-hitter that he just saved disappear mere inches from his eyes, you can almost feel Arenado's disappointment right along with him: