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Nolan Arenado used his fingertips to evade a tag at home and score a run

There's a particular art to successful slides. Sometimes, it's not enough to merely get your feet down and hope for the best. Nolan Arenado faced this challenge in the bottom of the seventh inning during the Rockies' 4-2 win over the Angels on Tuesday.
Arenado was on first base with two outs and Trevor Story at the plate, who then laced a Noé Ramirez offering into the left-field corner. Third-base coach Stu Cole waved him around, but defensive warlockAndrelton Simmons' relay throw home was too good.
Angels catcher Martín Maldonado was ready to put the tag down on a sliding Arenado, so he had to resort to some quick thinking to score the run. His long fingers came in handy:

The super slo-mo was necessary on this call, as despite home-plate umpire Jordan Baker's ruling, it seemed like Maldonado got the tag in. The Angels challenged, but upon further review, Arenado's fingers just barely crept in under Maldonado's glove (à laRob Refsnyder).
"That was big for Nolan to score right there from first," Story told's Thomas Harding after the game. "Pretty sweet slide right there. I thanked him for that."
Clearly, Arenado's dexterity is not limited to his defensive prowess.