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Nomar Mazara rescued a Rangers win with an unbelievable throw from the foul pole

Since making his big league debut in April, we've seen Nomar Mazara do a lot. Launched dingers? Check. Robbed would-be dingers? Sure. Engaged in general baseball shenanigans? Of course
But still, we hadn't seen him do everything, so we still had some questions: Like, for example, what about his arm? By way of an answer, allow him to submit the final out of the Rangers' 6-4 win over the Mariners on Sunday. Seattle was attempting to rally in the ninth, and when Robinson Cano smoked a line drive into the right-field corner, it looked like Nelson Cruz would be coming up as the tyin-- wait, where did that baseball come from?

If you're wondering just how far a throw from the foul pole would have to travel, Statcast has your covered: Mazara's rope traveled 220 feet, and didn't even bounce once. The throw also sealed the win for Texas -- but more importantly, it announced that, yes, there are humans who can do everything on a baseball diamond.