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After losing a foul ball to an older fan, a young Ohio State fan got a special surprise from the Buckeyes

The following is a lesson to all adults at the ballpark. Do not, under any circumstances, be this guy in the yellow Iowa Hawkeyes shirt:

This moment, which happened in Sunday's game between Ohio State and Minnesota, sent the internet into an uproar due to this older man in the Iowa Hawkeyes shirt wresting a foul ball away from a younger man in a red Buckeyes shirt.

Of the many unwritten rules at the ballpark for adults, "don't take baseballs away from the kids" seems like one we'd all follow without question, but alas, apparently that isn't always the case.

But this story has a happy ending. Despite losing that initial foul ball, the young Buckeyes fan received something even better later in the afternoon, courtesy of his favorite team:

Yellow shirt guy may have gotten the first baseball, but he didn't get THAT.

The kid wins.