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Craig Biggio's reaction to his son's first Major League homer was pure joy

One of the benefits of being the son of a Hall of Fame baseball player is that you get to avoid the sort of vicarious parenting that inevitably ends with obscene displays on the sidelines of sporting events and angry calls to teachers.

That's the case for Blue Jays second baseman Cavan Biggio, whose dad Craig was a Hall of Fame second baseman for the Astros. That means that they can both sit back and enjoy the successes of Cavan's baseball career.

So, when Cavan hit his first Major League home run on Sunday -- a monster dinger to the upper levels of Rogers Centre -- his dad reacted like any good, proud parent would: with the sort of smile that holds nothing but pure joy.

His teammates -- including fellow son of a Hall of Famer Vlad Guerrero Jr. -- were equally thrilled, watching the ball sail over the fence as if they had hit it themselves:

It is in the nature of home runs that they bring joy, so it's good to see that Biggio's first one brought a little extra joy to everyone who witnessed it.