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I watched baseball in the late '90s, so Cavan Biggio, Vlad Guerrero Jr. and the Blue Jays make me feel old

The Blue Jays made history on Friday when they called up Cavan Biggio, son of Hall of Famer Craig Biggio and another of Toronto's highly-touted prospects. In joining the fully-arrived Vladimir Guerrero Jr. at Rogers Centre, the pair of wunderkinds set a record, as they're the first pair of teammates with Hall of Fame fathers.

But here's the thing. The Blue Jays aren't done bringing back familiar names from your childhood in updated, younger editions and putting them on the field. You may recall that the team also has Griffin Conine, son of 17-year big leaguer Jeff Conine, and Bo Bichette, son of 14-year big leaguer Dante Bichette, in its system, waiting in the wings.

Here's Griffin smacking a homer during his time with the Duke baseball team. Kid's got power just like his dad:

Conine is currently in rookie ball, so he's got a bit more seasoning to do before his time comes.

Bichette, meanwhile, is nearly ready for The Show, as he demonstrated in Spring Training with the Blue Jays this season:

As far as I'm concerned, this is an embarrassment of riches in the Blue Jays’ new quest to become the All-Nostalgia Team. Just writing these names out is giving me serious flashbacks to coming home from middle school, plopping down on the couch, ignoring my homework and gluing my eyeballs to the television set for whatever baseball game I could get them focused on.

Details and logistics aside, though, let's take a minute to really think about this.

Assuming the four young players remain in the Toronto organization and on track with their respective schedules, there seems to be a good chance of them all becoming teammates in Toronto. And ... that would be incredible. Just two of them made MLB history together on Friday night, so four of them together would be ... wow.

And the best thing? They're all position players. This quartet of gifted sons could very well hit back-to-back-to-back-to-back in the Jays' lineup. No offense to pitchers, without whom the very game of baseball would not exist, but all of these young phenoms playing defensive positions like their dads is absolutely how it had to be.

So now, we wait for the time they're all together. Thanks to Friday's call-up of Biggio, we're already halfway there.