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Vlad Guerrero Jr. hit his first homer in Toronto and he may never, ever stop

Our new baseball king is here. Just give Vladimir Guerrero Jr. a crown, already.

This past week, the Blue Jays' phenom officially arrived. He blasted his first four MLB homers on Toronto's recent road trip, but something was still missing. He was still looking for his first home run in front of a frothing crowd of Blue Jays fans who have been pining for this moment since his debut in late April.

In Wednesday's game against the Red Sox, though, it happened. Vlad Jr. connected on a Rick Porcello offering, and he did not get cheated.

First homer, check. First homer assisted by an oufielder's glove, check. First homer in front of the home fans, check.

It's an exciting feeling seeing one of the game's premier prospects coming into his own and putting the entire league on notice. After all, being the son of a Hall of Famer who destroyed pitching staffs for years on the Expos, Angels and Rangers, we fans come to expect domination. I fully expected him to hit 15 homers against the A's in his first weekend when he debuted in late April. It didn't happen, somehow, but I was ready.

Lest you forget, Guerrero also plays defense, and while we were all obsessing over the homer that banged off the facade of the second deck in center field, he flashed some glovework on a bunt attempt:

Let's just face facts here. At 20 years old, Guerrero's already coming into his own and showing signs of assuming the baseball throne left by his father's retirement, and he's doing so in grand fashion.

At age 20, I was playing video games.

You win, Vladito.